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Hero Week – Day 2: Merseyside Dogs Home

Playworld Superheroes Hero Week

This week, Starship are digging deep in order to support a number of incredibly worthy Liverpool-based charity projects. Yesterday, the staff pulled together a fine collection of unopened children’s toys for Radio City 96.7’s Mission Christmas appeal. Today, we’re lending our support to the Merseyside Dogs Home. 

Merseyside Dogs Home

We’ve all heard the old adage, ‘a dog is for life, not just for Christmas’. Despite the easy to recall advice, every December, puppies find their way onto the Christmas list of thousands of Britons. By January, many dogs find themselves homeless as the new owners struggle to come to terms with the full responsibility of dog ownership. One of the places that sees the effects of the ill-planned Christmas dog purchase is the Merseyside Dogs Home.

Each year over 3,000 lost dogs are found in Merseyside. While some have been abandoned, some have simply lost their way. Two thirds of the lost dogs find their way back home, but the dogs that aren’t so lucky fine their way to re-homing centres like the Merseyside Dogs Home. Last year the home received 700 lost dogs and puppies that were eventually re-homed.

Merseyside Dogs Home

Tina was a guest at the Merseyside Dogs Home before being rehoused in a forever home.

The Merseyside Dogs Home take in more stray dogs than any other rescue on Merseyside, despite being the smallest.  The home relies on the support of the public to provide the dogs with the care they need. The home never destroy a healthy dog.

Merseyside Dogs Home

The Starship collection.

The Starship crew have collected together lots of new, unopened dog food to donate to the Merseyside Dogs Home to help feed the dogs in need this Christmas. With quite a few dog lovers on the staff, the urge to take all the dogs looking for forever homes will be strong! The home still have many dogs in need of a place to call their own, and their work is ongoing. The home accept cash donations too, and every little helps.

And their advice to those wanting a dog this Christmas? “The internet is a awash with Christmas puppies this year, don’t fall into the online trap – puppies sold via online classifieds are likely to be a product of the puppy trade. This Christmas, keep your shopping cart puppy free. If you really do want a puppy, wait until January. That’s when all the unwanted Christmas puppies given as gifts or bought on a whim, start being handed in to Rescues.

And don’t forget, there are dogs of every age, every breed and every size waiting patiently throughout the year to adopt a loving human.

To find out more about the Merseyside Dogs Home, visit merseysidedogshome.org. Here you’ll find info on how to adopt, donate, and help out this unbelievably worthy organisation.