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Hero Week – Day 3: Liverpool Food Bank

Playworld Superheroes Hero Week

Yesterday we showed our support for Merseyside Dogs Home as part of Hero Week,  so today we’re lending a helping hand to the two-legged inhabitants of Liverpool! The third worthy cause of the week is the Hope+ Food Bank, an organisation serving those in need in Liverpool City Centre. 

For most of us, Christmas is synonymous with good food, thoughtful gifts and a time to celebrate with family and friends. Worries left for next year, it’s a time to leave the trials and tribulations of the year behind. Some Britons aren’t so lucky, instead finding themselves in a time of financial crisis over the Yule period,  Food Banks have been in the news a lot recently, with many families around the UK feeling pinch in tighter times. The Hope+ Food Bank was established in 2013 to provide support to families who find themselves in times of crisis.

Hope+ Food Bank

The Starship team gathered together bags of non-perishable food items to help fill the Hope+ Food Banks store. The food will be distributed to people in need over the Christmas period, together with some treats for themselves and their children.

After delivering the food today, the bank posted this photograph. Thanks to donations from us and other Liverpool schools and organisations, their food store is full!  We’re more than happy to have been able to help out.

For more information on the Hope+ Food Bank, visit their website.