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Hero Week – Day 4: Alder Hey in the Park

Playworld Superheroes Hero Week

If this week has proved anything, it’s that if you ask someone to help and they’re able, it’s more than likely that they will. Today, we decided to combine our Hero Week efforts with the studio secret santa. Christmas jumpers readied, and secret gifts bought, the Starship crew came together to celebrate Christmas over pizza, mince pies and mulled wine.

Starship Liverpool

Today’s charity of choice is one really close to our hearts, Alder Hey in the Park. We’ve got big plans to help the charity that we can reveal to you next year, but for today, we put our hands in our pockets for a raffle to raise some money for an impressive hospital that’s almost fully built.

Alder Hey are building something amazing – a brand new hospital with a design inspired by children. Built entirely in a park, the hospital is something new in the treatment and care of children. It’s not just a first for the UK, there’s nothing like it anywhere in Europe. The new Alder Hey will open in 2015. You can check out the construction work so far in this video.

We first visited the hospital in the summer, and we’re completely bowled over by what they have planned. If you can help raise money or lend a hand in some way for this incredible venture, do. Alder Hey’s plans allow for a new approach to care that embraces technology to amazing effect. From making children feel completely at ease as they wait for stressful procedures, to allowing children in medical isolation to play with other kids virtually, the things they have planned are amazing. Today’s effort raised £235 for the hospital, but there’s much more to come.

We’ll keep you posted on what we have planned for the hospital, but you can find our more information by visiting their website.