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Hero Week – Day 5: The Rucksack Project

Playworld Superheroes Hero Week

Four days of do-gooding haven’t slowed down the Starship Team, in fact today’s donation is the biggest yet. Friday’s event is the Rucksack Project, not so much a charity as a worldwide movement. 

The movement was born out of a simple idea to help those sleeping rough on the streets during the freezing winter months. Inspired by Pay it Forward, and the scene at the end of Scrooge where Bill Murray urges people on a live Christmas Eve broadcast to “take an old blanket out of the closet and take it out and give it to someone….make them a sandwich and say ‘here!’, the Project began in 2009 and has now become an annual event for many people.

The idea is a simple one. People gather together items like gloves, hats, fleeces and sleeping bags, throwing in a few treats and basic necessities, and then adding it all to an old (or new rucksack). The rucksacks are then distributed to the homeless during the cold winter months.

Playworld Superheroes Rucksack Project

This year the movement gathered speed in Liverpool, and the Starship Crew really rose to occasion. We managed to create about 17 rucksacks between us, with boxes of treats, clothes and basics left over for other homeless people.

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We delivered the bags to The Basement, a homeless charity in Liverpool, this morning. Even with the wind howling around us, the true hardship of being homeless in such cold conditions is one that we couldn’t possibly understand. To be able to help in this way meant a lot to us, and many of the Starship crew were really taken with the idea. We’ll all be taking part next year, and other members of the team are getting further involved with the distribution.

To read more about the Rucksack Project, go to their website.
To find out more about The Basement in Liverpool, visit their website.