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A New Kind Of Superhero: Designed By You!

Playworld Superheroes

We all have a superpower.

Though the history books contain no record of a Lycra-clad man clearing a building in a single bound, or a caped woman soaring above the clouds without the aid of technology, there’s one superpower that’s very much alive and well in all of us. We use it daily, whether that’s to mentally spend our lottery winnings or to deliver the perfect one-liner ahead of time. It’s the power of imagination.

For a child, the ability to imagine is a passport to another realm. If you’ve ever tied a sheet around your shoulders as a make-shift cape, donned a cardboard box as a helmet, or raised a wizard’s staff that looks suspiciously like a large stick, you’ve made the same journey. It’s that voyage into the impossible that sparked the imagination of Starship’s CEO Martin Kenwright 12 months ago, morphing bit by bit into our forthcoming mobile adventure series, Playworld.

Playworld Superheroes

Gathering together a crew of games industry veterans who cut their teeth on some of the world’s biggest console games, Martin set the team a challenge; to create a game that captures the essence of a child’s imagination. The game had to mimic the way that a child plays and pretends, and to convey transformative power of creative thought, all the while harbouring a remarkable surprise inside.

The surprise will have to remain secret for now, but after a year of work, today we reveal the first details of the Playworld series, and its first instalment, Playworld Superheroes. Fusing a remarkable virtual arts and crafts package with an epic adventure that puts Hollywood to shame, the game announces the arrival of a new kind of superhero – one designed by you!

With no in-app purchases or other hidden dangers, we’ve worked hard to create a safe play environment that ignites a child’s imagination. We’ll be unleashing our creation on the world in just over a month, and we’re thrilled to be sharing the results of a year of toil with you all. There’s a superhero within all of us, and in January 2015, that hero gets an outlet.