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Adventure Awaits the Creative and the Brave

Today we invite the world to take their first steps into Playworld – the land of your imagination! With the launch of Playworld Superheroes on the horizon, parents, children and gamers can get a first look at the adventure that awaits the brave and the creative with our teaser trailer. 

Though the world might seem the same as it did before, a portal has been opened.

Invisible to the naked eye, it’s a doorway to a world filled with mischievous enemies and unbelievable sights, a land where adventure lives around every corner, and a place in which imagination is the key to overcoming the greatest opponents. Ladies and gentlemen, we give you…Playworld.

Playworld Superheroes I.A.N Teaser Trailer
Our last big announcement unveiled the Playworld Treehouse, the crafting hub in which all Playworld adventures begin. Here, players can cut, paste, and paint to their heart’s content, creating a plethora of tools, suits and alter-egos realtime! There’s endless fun to be had, and no player’s treehouse will look quite the same, but in Playworld, your creative endeavours mark the beginning of the story…

Today we’re giving you a taste of the second part of the story in the form of our teaser trailer. It’s the part where our hero realises his full potential and the quest that lies ahead. From the calm tranquillity of the treehouse, we unlock the door to an action-packed adventure like no other. It’s not a mission for the faint hearted – Playworld needs a hero quick and clever enough to overcome enemies twenty times their size, and brave enough to go it alone.

Playworld Superheroes Arena Teaser Trailer

This isn’t a job for an adult, oh no, this mission calls for a child with bountiful imagination and energy to spare! Parents can do their part in saving Playworld from certain peril by keeping an eye out for the game’s launch later this month, and keeping would-be heroes fed and watered on their return from saving the world.

They say adventure lies around every corner, you just need to know where to look. This January, we’d suggest looking on the App Store first.

Playworld Superheroes Flying Teaser Trailer