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Playworld Superheroes to Bring Real-Time Crafting and Superhero Action to Mobile Next Month!

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Playworld Superheroes

Liverpool, England – December 10th, 2014 – Starship, the Liverpool-based digital media, technology and entertainment studio, today unveil details on Playworld Superheroes, its upcoming mobile game in which players use their imaginations to design, customise and then become, a superhero of their own creation. Inspiring endless creativity for gamers of all ages through real-time crafting, Playworld Superheroes is the first in a series of mobile adventures and will be available for download in January, 2015.

Designed to provide gamers aged 5+ with a safe playing experience free from in-app fees and hidden dangers. Playworld invites players to enter a world where the boundaries of what’s possible are limited only by their imaginations. Crafting and creativity combine with moral and eco-messages against the backdrop of a Hollywood spectacle, as players are transported from the everyday world into a land that only children can enter. Set in a city garden littered with junk and unloved cast-offs, each chapter of super-powered playtime begins in the Playworld treehouse, a crafting hub in which the game’s themes are realised. The first in the series sees the player take on the role of a superhero, battling against the mischievous Golumites: a mob of alien nasties on a mission to destroy Playworld. Players must defeat playful enemies on the ground in intense moment to moment action, jumping back to the real world to craft new tools and gadgets to level up their powers. Would-be heroes then take to the skies to overcome their greatest challenge yet. Armed only with their imagination, the player must skip between two worlds to save them both in a Hollywood blockbuster-styled game of their own creation.

Playworld Superheroes

“Where adults cardboard boxes, kids see superheroes,” said Martin Kenwright, founder of Starship. “With the Playworld series, we want to empower that creativity by giving kids the coolest crafting package to create their ultimate alter-ego. That creativity is rewarded with a spectacular experience in which they act out their wildest  fantasies. Each instalment opens the doorway to a new world. Imagination truly is the greatest superpower, and with it comes a world of endless possibility. We’re excited to see the hero creations our fans bring to life.”

Playworld Superheroes will be available starting January on mobile devices, and potential superheroes can learn more information by visiting the game’s website, or the Playworld Facebook and Twitter pages.

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About Starship

Starship is a UK-based digital media, technology and entertainment studio harbouring a dream-team of world-class talent hailing from the games, media and marketing sectors. Established by Evolution and Digital Image Design founder Martin Kenwright in 2013, the studio is built upon a proven and unbroken track record delivering next generation and platform launch titles.

Led by senior veterans from Evolution and Sony Studio Liverpool, the core team of 20 have collectively devised or delivered more than 69 games, including launch titles and AAA franchises such as MotorStorm, WipEout, Formula 1 and WRC. Currently developing original content across games, entertainment, lifestyle and e-health, Starship builds upon its core team’s gaming pedigree to create a proposition with interstellar ambitions. For more information please visit www.starship-group.com.