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Starship’s Playworld Superheroes Comes to Android

Playworld Superheroes Launches on Android

Real-time crafting lets you create your own unique super-powered spectacular in which YOU become the hero.

(April 2nd, 2015) Starship, the UK-based digital media, technology and entertainment studio, today bring craft and imagination spectacular Playworld Superheroes to Android! The game, which sees players craft, design, and then BECOME a superhero of their own creation, pits a child’s imagination against the mischievous Golumites, a gaggle of aliens hell bent on destroying Playworld!  Featuring no in-app purchases or hidden nasties, Playworld provides a safe and stimulating environment for children, and a play brand that parents can trust!

The critically acclaimed game, awarded 5/5 in The Guardian, is the first in a series of mobile adventures designed to spark children’s creativity through artistic play. Created by Starship, a studio staffed by veteran developers responsible for chart topping console games such as MotorStorm and WipEout, the game brings over 30 years’ experience to the children’s mobile game sector.

Playworld feeds a child’s imagination by making the impossible possible,” explains Starship CEO Martin Kenwright. “A child’s creativity has no limits, and that boundless imagination allows kids to transform ordinary items into exciting playthings. We worked hard to create an environment that encourages creative play. Where adults see cardboard boxes, children see superheroes. In Playworld Superheroes, imagination truly is the greatest superpower.” 

Players begin their adventure in the Playworld Treehouse, a crafting hub in which imagination runs wild! Here, gamers paint, cut, build, and modify their ultimate superhero suit and logo, before watching the suit transform before their eyes! Players then jump from the tranquillity of the treehouse into the action-packed spectacle of Playworld – the land of your imagination! Under attack from the Golumites, Playworld needs a hero to save the land from certain destruction.

Players must skip between two worlds, levelling up their suit and tools to overcome playful enemies on the ground in intense moment-to-moment action. Armed only with their imagination, gamers then take to the skies to take on the might of a gigantic intergalactic invader!

Playworld Superheroes will be available from April 2nd from the Google Play, Samsung App Store, and Amazon App Store priced at £2.99/$3.99.  Starship have also updated the iOS version of the game to support devices running iOS 8.

Visit the Playworld Superheroes website for more information on the game, and follow us on Twitter and Facebook for news, updates and more.

Playworld Superheroes trailer: https://youtu.be/H82vWTdd7vA

Playworld Superheroes gameplay video: https://youtu.be/dsiWcSjRpsQ

Download screenshots, videos and studio assets here.

Game Features

  • Empowers children’s creativity.
  • Stunning AAA visuals and console quality gameplay.
  • No in-app purchases or hidden costs. A safe and stimulating environment for children.
  • Real-time crafting – design your ultimate alter-ego before using the Imagination Cloud to see your suit as it appears in Playworld!
  • Over 15 alien invaders to defeat across nine hero missions.
  • Unlock new superpowers such as flight and super strength by crafting new items in the treehouse – two games in one!
  • Collect PlayGems to unlock new items.
  • Important ecological messages entwined with gameplay.
  • Intuitive gameplay controls.
  • Enjoy limitless play with the Mayhem level.

About Starship Group

Starship is a Liverpool-based digital media, technology and entertainment group harbouring a dream-team of world-class talent hailing from the entertainment, games, media, and marketing sectors. Founded by Evolution Studios and Digital Image Design founder Martin Kenwright in 2013, the studio is built upon a proven and unbroken track record delivering next-generation and platform launch titles, and ground-breaking simulations across the last 30 years.

Led by senior veterans from Evolution and Sony Studio Liverpool, the core team have collectively devised or delivered PlayStation launch titles and AAA franchises such as DriveClub, MotorStorm, WipEout, Formula 1 and World Rally Championship. Currently developing original content across entertainment, technology and virtual reality.